On my weekend on Friday I had to go to the doctor but the good nose is that my big brother was there but he was men like always.The other good nose is that my cozines nana in tt. We went to the at 2:30 because they came at that time.Tt was fighting me a lot.


On my weekend on Friday I was mad because my mom wood not let me go to the park that's why I was mad. On Saturday I went to the park with Chloe,Nona and unc.We had a lot of fun I say Joshua me in Chloe played with him for a long time we only played tag.On Sunday we did not go to trench I did not know why but the good news was I got to see my brother in vottay my cozine we had fun.In then me in Chloe got in the bath.


We had skyped with Marcie and David they live in a boat in Western Austalia.There boat is called the nine of cups.There boat is smaller then a cruship.There are three rooms in there boat a saloon,galley and a capin.They have ben to six continent's the Antarctica,Africa,Australia ,Europe,North and South America.


Ok I better start from the begging I was spotsto to go to the circus this weekend. But I didn't with uncle but he didn't come to pic me up.So the next day was Sunday I went to⛪️I had a lot of fun I suy my friend.Letter that day I went on my I pod on Facebook to ask my unc something but I'm not going to tell you that I was going the the movie but I didn't.so bye.

  1. Painted ladies are black.

I gas I better start from the begging so I was walking from the bus stop on Friday in I was going to the bathroom In then my grandma came but I did not know.I was crying because I did not want to go with my grandma because I go every weekend that's why I did not want to go.At lest I got to go to chucky cheese with my sisters in my bother.But the last 4 or 5 I was not with my grandma I was with my ant ntna so now I am at school in bye.


We wen't to cherry park for a fild chirp for Special Olympus.We did it with Mrs.Shearin class it was a lot of fun.We were helping out with Alex we did five rootash in then we wen't to lunch .we had some hotdogs in some snacks.In then we had some fun on the rocks.In we Danaed a little bit.In then I went back on the rocks.Then it was time to go back to school in now I am back in school so by.


This is how to barter it is just like tradeing.Me in my class were bartering.These are the things that I got for barter.I'll start now.I had a meaker a eracer a pen some candy in a bubble rap.


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